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I am pleased to introduce you to Africa Theological Training Service (ATTS), an educational network providing services to 72 Assemblies of God resident Bible schools located in 30 countries across Africa.

ATTS affirms, teaches, and serves Assemblies of God trainers in Africa.


Ministry Description/Purpose

ATTS was established to strengthen those who are training workers for the harvest in Africa.

ATTS serves to facilitate and validate theological training on the continent of Africa among national churches associated with the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA).  This service began under the auspices of the Assemblies of God World Missions, Africa Office, in 1989.  It was established to enhance the effectiveness of Assemblies of God Bible colleges across the continent of Africa.

Mission Statement

Believing this is the eleventh hour, our mission is to encourage, facilitate, and validate theological training within the church of Africa, thus assisting Africa to participate fully in the accomplishment of the Great Commission.

Core Values

We are committed to the Missio Dei.  God's mission, from Genesis to Revelation, centers on the redemptive message of Jesus Christ going to all peoples, resulting in a Kingdom over which Christ rules, made up of every people, tongue, tribe, and nation.

We are committed to the belief that all Spirit-filled believers may be at the forefront of the Missio Dei without respect to the history, culture, or economic background of their people.  Specifically, we see Africa at the vanguard of the eleventh hour harvest.

We are committed to partnership at every level. Specifically, we see the African church and the American church involved in strategic last-day partnerships. Despite the challenges these partnerships pose, we are committed to facilitating the effective outcomes of such partnerships.

We are committed to the Church. Everything we do in training is done as those who work within the framework of the Church, with the edification of the Church in mind so that the Church may fulfill the mission of God.

We are committed to the financial enablement and participation of all partners so that all may share, as God enables, in the financial aspect of fulfilling God's mission.

Ministry Resource Objectives

A number of objectives facilitate the vision of ATTS. The objectives are:

To partner with the Association of Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA) to provide endorsement/accreditation on all levels of training

To assist regions in presenting regional Bible school/college conferences and workshops designed to enable training programs to fulfill their stated purpose

To provide regional leadership training seminars

To provide on-site consultations, specialized workshops, and resource materials

To facilitate the procurement of resource books and other learning materials

To provide lay-training models and learning resources

To coordinate the development of training programs and material on various levels and in the languages of Africa

To facilitate information-sharing through the Training Today newsletter and network

To promote the vision of African churches as missionary-sending bodies by facilitating, supporting, and advocating for Eleventh Hour Institutes, Acts in Africa Conferences, and the AAGA World Mission Commission. Modified English Website.

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