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Evangel Bible College (EBC), Freetown, Sierra Leone, exists to provide trained Pentecostal leaders for the Assemblies of God and other churches.

It emphasizes evangelism and church planting built on sound biblical principles, guided by the Holy Spirit. Since the inception of the school in 1980, over 1,000 persons from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, and Nigeria have been trained.


The 3-year diploma program is directed by Principal Alfred Ensa. He is joined by six local pastors who teach 3-week block courses, providing quality training for daytime and evening students. All the teachers have received their training at the West Africa Advanced School of Theology, Lome, Togo.

Extension programs are currently offered at two locations in Freetown. Arrangements are being made to open additional extension centers in Makeni, Kono, and Lungi in 2014.



EBC is housed in a beautiful facility providing administrative offices, classrooms, chapel, and library. Dormitory space is available for full-time resident students.

Applications for admission may be requested from Principal Ensa at <alfredensa@yahoo.co.uk.>   

A unique community that is spiritually alive, strategically focused, academically excellent, and preparing servant leaders for today’s challenges.


KAG (Kenya Assemblies of God) EAST UNIVERSITY is a unique community that is spiritually alive, strategically focused, academically excellent, and actively preparing true servant leaders for today’s cultural challenges. If you are looking for a place to develop your God given gifts, I encourage you to take a look at EAST.

A word from the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Jeff Nelson:

"When I first entered the EAST campus in 1998, I knew that it was a unique place. In the years since, this first impression has grown stronger.

EAST is spiritually alive like few other institutions. The chapel services are central to the life of the campus. Times of prayer and small group interaction are not just something we do, but who we are. 

EAST has an atmosphere of excellence about it. Academically challenging programs that require the most out of students are the norm. EAST is relevant. Every class, every chapel, every mission and ministry trip is focused on the culture of today. EAST is passionate.

The faculty and employees of EAST are enthusiastic about what they do. The graduates are equally fervent as they impact their communities. EAST is influential. The students are molded into servant leaders who will make a global impact like the hundreds who have gone before them. Many of East Africa’s finest church leaders today are graduates of EAST.

I want to invite you to visit EAST and see for yourself what I saw many years ago. If you are looking for a place to pursue your dreams of becoming all God has intended for you, why not visit the EAST campus. One visit may be all it takes for you to find what you have been looking for."

Our students and graduates are our best testaments to the truth of our program. Ask any one of them. See if they don’t speak with enthusiasm and passion about their experience at EAST. I sincerely believe that if you come check us out you will see what hundreds of graduates have found – that EAST is the right place for you.

Check us out at www.east.ac.ke


Whether you are new to ministry or have served for years, ABC will help sharpen your tools because the one who cuts with a dull axe will wear out.

ABC offers practical Pentecostal and scholarly training for people called by God to serve the Church and to reach the spiritually lost of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Our Bachelor of Arts or Master’s degree programs are designed to better equip you to serve as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, and apostle in your ministry context.

God is pouring out his grace and Spirit in unique ways across Ethiopia. As people are saved and churches are planted, there is a critical need for local pastors to be prepared to shepherd and nurture their people. We are working to translate the Discovery Series into four major languages that will allow us to train leaders, church planters, missionaries, and laity to better know Jesus and to make him known. The languages are Amharic, Oromiffa, Somali, and Tigrinya.  

Our 9th diploma site has been opened by Addis Ababa Bible College. It is located in Djibouti to train Ethiopian pastors and lay people who have relocated to this neighboring nation in search of work and opportunity. We pray our training, using the Discovery Series, will serve as a catalyst to inspire the students to proclaim Jesus to the people of the land. The other eight sites use local churches across Ethiopia. In the future, we plan to establish other training sites in strategic locations throughout the Horn of Africa.

Construction of a new Bible College facility is underway in the heart of Addis Ababa. We are thrilled that the Lord is providing resources to see this building go up. The size will allow for enhanced training opportunities. The location affords us the opportunity of evangelizing the thousands of people who live around the campus.

Along with our excellent Ethiopian faculty, we have been privileged to have guests come and invest in our students. One outstanding guest professor is Dr. Byron Klaus, the former President of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He addressed the subject of servant leadership.

Our masters degree program is preparing to enroll its second cohort in 2016. Students in the first cohort have completed seven courses and are currently taking their 8th and 9th courses out of the 14 course (42 credit hour) program. The purpose for graduate studies is to equip our church leaders for greater effectiveness in completing the great commission by making disciples of all.


Contact Information:
Addis Ababa Bible College
P.O. Box 8925
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Phone: 011-466-6319
Email: aabible@yahoo.com

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