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A History of the Church in Africa: A Survey from a Pentecostal Perspective highlights the background, beginning, and development of the church of Jesus Christ in Africa from a pentecostal perspective and demonstrates how African Christianity is vital to the larger picture of Christian history. The concept of the kingdom of God is explored discussing how the African church witnessed to God’s mission (missio Dei) by expanding to North Africa along the Nile corridor and to other locations below the Sahara desert. Also reasons are examined: why the church collapsed for the most part in North Africa and Nubia but survived in Ethiopia; lessons learned from medieval African Christianity; the European settlement in Africa impacting the spread of Christianity.

Special attention is given to the history of the Pentecostal movement addressing questions including the following: What is the relationship of past, present, and future events in the African Church? What are the long-term effects resulting from seeing the African church as a missionary church? What is the strategic place of the African church in the end-times?

About the Author

Jerry Spain has been a missionary in Africa for more than 40 years. During his ministry, Spain was the principal of the Arusha Bible College in Arusha, Tanzania (1967-1978),  principal of the East Africa School of Theology (EAST) in Nairobi, Kenya (1978-1992); Area Director of the Assemblies of God Mission in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Basin (1992-2000); Missionary in Residence at Valley Forge Christian College (2000-2001). In 2001, Jerry was assigned to ministry with the Africa Theological Training Service, which later became Africa’s Hope. In this capacity, he has traveled extensively in Africa, involved in training Africans for ministry and Christian service.


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