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Scripture: Mark 8:22–26, 10:46–52; James 5:16

Memory verse: James 5:16
"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."


Begin the session by relating these true testimonies of healing. Tell the students that the people who were healed in these accounts were in their youth when they were healed.

Dorcas woke up with another sore throat. This seemed to be happening often lately. Each time it happened, it seemed to take longer for the soreness to go away. When Dorcas’ parents took her to the doctor, he discovered she had a disease called tuberculosis in her throat. As time went by, the disease finally took away Dorcas’ voice. She could no longer speak. When the doctor examined her again, he found that the disease had eaten away one of Dorcas’ vocal cords. There was no way to fix this. The doctor could do nothing, and Dorcas’ body could not grow a new vocal cord. Once it was gone, it was gone forever. She had to communicate with people by writing on a notepad she kept on a string around her neck.

Then one Sunday night at her church, Dorcas went to the front for prayer. While there, God touched her. She was baptised in the Holy Spirit and healed at the same time!

The doctor was shocked when he examined Dorcas again. He could see the new vocal cord God had put in her throat.

Joseph was in the special care unit of the hospital. He had been in a bus accident. The doctors said the right side of his brain was dead and only 20 percent of the lift side of his brain was active. The doctors had done everything medically possible for him. The doctors said Joseph would die or at least be confined to a bed for the rest of his life. Many people at Joseph’s church and other churches prayed for him. God did a miracle. Joseph awoke from the coma and by the following week was able to return home. Joseph not only lived, he eventually recovered fully and was a normal, healthy young man again.

Allow the class to discuss the two miracles. Emphasize that both people were healed by God and both healings were miracles, even though one healing did not take place instantly. Tell them that in this week’s study they will learn about two men whose healings are recorded in God’s Word.*

Jerry, are these healings you actually know about? A statement or two about time and place would give some authenticity or verification (not just made-up stories that might have happened). 

Hearing God’s Word

Imagine the following situation as I describe it. Then decide what you think will happen. If you have read the passage of Scripture for this study, keep that in mind along with what we have learned about faith so far.

Bartimaeus Calls Out to Jesus

Jesus is walking down the street. The crowds are following Him and milling all around Him, when a blind beggar calls out to Him and begs to be healed.

Ask: “What does this tell you about the beggar?” (Allow responses. Help the students realize that the beggar is demonstrating his faith in Jesus’ power to heal.)

The people around this beggar do not sympathize with him. Instead they tell him to be quiet. So, besides showing little or no sympathy, they are showing a lack of faith.

Now you decide on the basis of the facts what will happen. Here is one blind man with faith for healing, and crowds of people around him who show no faith at all.

Ask: “Will Jesus stop and heal the man? Or will He go on past the man?” (Allow responses.)

Ask: “What if Bartimaeus’ healing had depended on the amount of faith the crowd displayed?” (Allow responses.)

Bartimaeus did not care what the crowd thought. He wanted to be healed and he was willing to take action in order to receive it.

Bartimaeus is Healed Instantly

Jesus reacted to Bartimaeus’ faith. In spite of the noise and chaos the crowd of people must have created, Jesus heard one man’s cry for help. Jesus knew Bartimaeus had faith because he kept calling even though the crowd tried to silence him. Jesus honoured that faith and healed Bartimaeus.

If we pray for God’s help, we must continue to have faith until God answers, even if no one else believes with us. God does not always answer when we think He should or in the way we expect Him to. We may make a request of Him that is not included in His plan for us. In that case God’s answer will be no. In some cases, God may say later. Then we must depend on Him for patience as we wait for the answer.

Another Blind Man’s Healing

Mark recorded an incident, several chapters before this one, describing another blind man’s healing. (Ask a student to read Mark 8:22–26.)

Notice that the blind man’s friends brought him to Jesus. In this case it seems Jesus healed the man on the basis of his friends’ faith. This story teaches that other people’s prayers count too. It is good, then, to ask other Christians to pray with you when you need healing or have other needs. It is also good for you to pray for your friends each day and pray with them when they ask for your help. Our memory verse tells us to “Pray for each other so that you may be healed”. God wants us to help one another through prayer. When we pray each day, we can remember those who need help. (Repeat the memory verse with the students.)

A Gradual Healing

We have no record of this blind man’s name. However, we do have a record of the rather unusual way he was healed. Jesus took the blind man out of the village. Then He spit on the man’s eyes and put His hands on him. “Can you see now?” Jesus asked.

Ask: “What did the man reply?” (Allow responses.)

Apparently he could see somewhat, but his vision was faulty. So Jesus put His hands on him again. Now the man saw clearly.

Ask: “What would have happened if the blind man had walked away after Jesus laid His hands on him the first time?” (Allow responses.)

But this man waited for Jesus to lay His hands on him again. This time he was healed completely.

Differences Between the Two Healings

Ask: “What was different about these two healings?” (Allow responses.)

First, faith for healing was displayed in different ways. Bartimaeus called out to Jesus for himself; the friends of the unnamed blind man seem to be the ones who believed Jesus for that man’s healing. Second, the place Jesus healed the men was different. Jesus healed Bartimaeus where they met on the road. Jesus led the second blind man out of the village. Finally, the way the men were healed was different. Bartimaeus was healed instantly. Jesus touched the second man’s eyes twice before he could see clearly.

Why was Bartimaeus healed instantly while the other man’s healing was gradual? The Bible does not tell us, but both men were healed in miraculous ways. Both men received their sight.

God works in different ways among us too. Sometimes it is hard to understand why this is so. God does not see our circumstances the way we see them. He knows what is best for us better than we do. Also, God may sometimes answer our prayers with wait. The incident with the unnamed blind man shows us God will always finish His work in us if we will let Him work in His own time and His own way.

Think about the unnamed blind man again. Anyone watching his healing at that time may have wondered why it did not happen right away. Yet everything happened according to God’s plan. Now, 2,000 years later, this gradual healing shows us that eventually God will finish His work in all of us.

God Rewards Faith

Some people pray for healing for many years, but they never seem to get better. Yet we must keep trusting God and asking Him to meet our needs, whatever they are. God does hear our prayers. The Bible says we will have perfect bodies in heaven. Whether or not we are healed or delivered from a problem has no bearing on God’s power to heal and help us. We need to remember that God’s will must be done. He has a purpose for everything that happens. We must believe in His power and in His wisdom. We can ask God to use us to bring honour and glory to Him. This includes praying for one another and sharing with others what God has done for us. God will reward our faith—in the world and in heaven.

Accepting God’s Word

The greatest of all God’s miracles is salvation. He showed His great love and might when He provided a way for us to escape eternal punishment for our sins and live with Him forever. When we accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we gain a powerful friend who will always do what is best for us. We have someone who will stick by us, help us to do what is right, hear our prayers, and help us grow spiritually each day.

New Territory 

Today’s destination was a Mwera village about 20 kilometers off the main Lindi/Mtwara, Tanzania, road. My guide and I drove carefully over the trail, intent on reaching the village by mid-morning. We met several entrepreneurs riding their bicycles toward Lindi, each loaded with three or four bags of charcoal. The Mwera are “slash and burn” farmers and use fallen trees to make charcoal to generate cash.

Pray for Mwera to Receive God's Help

1. Recognize that God's love is available to them,
2. Sense that it is God who is guiding them to a messenger,
3. Their journey of faith is leading them into a close relationship with God.

Prayer Promise

"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love" (2 Thessalonians 3:5).


Memory verse: James 5:16
"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."

1. Jesus paid the price for my spiritual and physical healing.
2. I will ask Jesus for the healing of my sick body.
3. I believe His promises are true. I expect Jesus to work a miracle.

Pray for Mwera to receive God's help.

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