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Scripture: Luke 18:27; John 2:1–11

Memory verse: Luke 18:27
"What is impossible with man is possible with God."


Use a variety of demonstrations to introduce the lesson. Each demonstration should illustrate a natural occurrence. For example, drop an object and watch it fall. Ask what natural law that demonstrates (Gravity). Next, mix certain ingredients and get an expected result. You might try stirring 1 tablespoon of baking soda into ½ cup of vinegar. The mixture will foam. Ask the students what causes this. (The baking soda reacts with the vinegar to form bubbles of carbon dioxide gas.) Hold up a green leaf and a leaf that has changed colours. See if the students can tell you why leaves change colours. (The leaf stops producing food and loses its green colour.)

Explain that your demonstrations exhibit laws of nature. Ask if the students can name other laws of nature. Emphasise that people have to live by these laws. We have no power over them for the most part. God has put those natural laws into place. Some of these laws even affect what we can do. An example is the law of gravity. A person may say, “I can fly,” but if he jumps off a tall building, he will fall to the ground and be seriously injured or killed. We have to live in agreement with the laws of nature.

Mention that there are times when a natural law is changed by God’s power. We call these times “miracles.” There are true accounts of people who have been involved in serious accidents in which they should have been killed, but God protected them. You may wish to mention examples of such miracles if you know of any.

Write “It would be a miracle if…” on the chalkboard. Allow the students to suggest events they would consider miraculous: for example: It would be a miracle if my grandmother got up from her wheelchair and walked again. It would be a miracle if everyone in the world were happy; or It would be a miracle if a dead person came back to life.

Ask the students if they think people still need miracles in their lives today. Assure them that God still performs miracles when He knows it is best to do so. Encourage the students to listen closely to this week’s study to learn of one of the many miracles Jesus performed while He was on earth.

Hearing God’s Word

Ask: “What do you think of when you hear the word miracle?

When God causes something to happen that a human being could never do, we call it a miracle. Usually when we think of miracles we think of healing miracles.

Ask: “Can you mention a miracle when people in the Bible were healed?” (Allow responses.)

The Bible tells of many healing miracles. It also mentions many other types of miracles. Remember the story of Jesus calming the storm, the feeding of the 5,000, the tax money in the mouth of a fish?

Miracles Occur Today

You may have heard people say they do not believe in the miracles in the Bible because “miracles do not happen today.” That is not true. Miracles are still happening today. Many religious publications carry testimonies of healings and answers to prayer. (Cut out a few of these articles and bring them to class to read or distribute to your students.)

Even Christians sometimes forget that a miracle is something done by God that could not be done by a human being. Actually miracles are not unusual—they happen every day. What about birth? The creation of new life is a wonderful and marvellous miracle of God!

Growth is another miracle that goes on every day. Every living thing is constantly growing. It cannot decide to grow—it cannot decide to stop growing. No person can produce growth. Our memory verse says, “What is impossible with man is possible with God” (Luke 18:27). God has power to do anything. (Repeat the memory verse again with the students.)

Jesus’ First Miracle

Ask: “Why does God use miracles?” (Allow discussion.)

Let us consider the first miracle Jesus performed on earth. Remember, Jesus is God. He performed miracles among His people long before He came to earth. Creation of the universe was Jesus’ first miracle of which we have knowledge. The miracle in our study this week was the first Jesus performed as a human being.

In this first miracle, Jesus saved a bridegroom from embarrassment by providing more wine after the supply had run out at a wedding feast. This first miracle tells us several important things about Jesus. (Write “Lessons from the first miracle” on the chalkboard.)

No More Wine

(Ask a student to read John 2:2, 3.) Imagine the panic the people in charge must have felt when they realized there was no more wine! What would they do? While they may have panicked, Mary knew just what to do. She told Jesus about it. That is exactly what we need to do with our problems, rather than worrying or getting nervous about them. (Add “Take all our problems to Jesus” on the chalkboard.)

Remember, this was not a “life or death” emergency. Nobody was deathly sick or hurt, nobody was starving or cold or in trouble. To the bridegroom responsible for taking care of his guests, however, this was a big problem. He would have felt humiliated and been embarrassed before his guests if he did not provide the proper beverages for them. Mary asked Jesus for help because she knew Jesus is interested in every problem.

Jesus Gives Instructions

Jesus did not act immediately. He gave some instructions first. Sometimes we take a need to God and then expect an answer right away. But God knows things we do not know. An immediate answer may not be the best way to work out the problem. We must learn to wait patiently. That means believing that God will answer our prayer whether we see an answer right away or not. God will do what He knows is best. (Write “Wait patiently for an answer” on the chalkboard.)

Sometimes Action is Needed

Mary showed her confidence in Jesus’ power to help. (Let a student read John 2:5.) She got the servants ready to do whatever Jesus asked of them. When we ask God for things we need, He may ask us to do something. If we do what He asks, we show we have faith in Him and are willing to obey Him.

Jesus told the servants to fill six water jars with water. (Ask a student to read John 2:8–10.) Because Jesus is the Son of God, He could have made wine out of nothing at all. But the servants had to show a willingness to obey Him. Obedience to God’s Word must always come before an answer to prayer. (Write “Obey God’s Word” on the chalkboard.)

The Purpose of Miracles

Not every miracle is performed just to save someone from embarrassment or to make someone happy. The purpose of miracles is not just to give us something for our good deeds. We cannot earn God’s blessings that way.

Ask: “What is the purpose of miracles?” (Allow responses.)

A miracle will bring glory and honour to God. Think about Jesus’ first miracle. What was the result of that miracle? (Ask a student to read John 2:11.) The disciples believed in Jesus.

John 2:11 gives us the idea that Jesus’ followers did not totally or wholeheartedly believe Jesus is the Son of God before this miracle. This first miracle brought so much glory to Jesus that these people decided He must be the Son of God!

God’s Greatest Miracle

Ask: “What is God’s greatest miracle?” (Allow discussion.)  The greatest miracle is salvation.

Ask: “Do you think salvation fits our definition of a miracle?” (Refer to the students’ definitions of a miracle.)

When a person asks God to forgive him of his sin, he is asking God to perform a miracle in his soul. When God forgives our sins, He is doing something no human being could ever do. Only God can forgive our sins. It takes the great love of God to forgive the sins of all mankind.

We Must Have Faith

To receive a miracle from God, we must have one essential ingredient. What is that? (Write on the chalkboard: “Have faith”.) Faith is the key. At the wedding feast, Mary showed her faith in Jesus. She did not ask for a miracle. She just told Jesus about the problem and trusted Him to work it out. It looked as if there was no solution. Mary’s faith in Jesus made the miracle possible.

Our memory verse reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. We can be sure God will answer our prayers as He sees best and meet our needs if we have the faith Mary had. God is all-powerful and all-knowing. Do you have a problem at home or at school that seems impossible? You can trust Jesus with any need you have.

Accepting God’s Word

It would be great if we could have a relationship with a miracle worker. Well, we can! God arranged for this in the greatest miracle ever—salvation. He sent His Son Jesus to earth to live and then die so we could have our sins forgiven. When we repent of our sins and accept Jesus’ forgiveness, we immediately receive a personal relationship with God. How wonderful it is to be able to know God as our best friend!

Good Questions

My request for permission to walk through the village, talk to people and take a few pictures to show my wife and friends met with a positive response. I invited them to ask questions and they quickly responded: “The road into our village is very bad. Can you help us repair it?” 

“I’m neither a politician nor a wealthy man,” I answered, “but I will pray, asking God to help.”

A woman at the back of the group raised her hand. “I am a woman,” she said, “and as a woman I would like to see your wife.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “I have a beautiful wife, and I carry her right here in my heart!” The women cheered and clapped! I continued, “Also, I carry a picture of her in my pocket.” Taking the photograph out of my billfold, I handed it back through the crowd to the women. They swooned over the picture, agreeing with me that she is a beautiful woman.

Doe Prayer 

Thank You, Lord, for choosing me to be Your heart, voice and hands for these few hours in a Doe village. There are so many people, so much to see. As always, You come through and honour my humble request for Your divine favour.

The people’s need for physical medicine meets God-given spiritual medicine. Their weakness and fatigue meets God-given strength and endurance. Their sadness and thirst meets God-given joy and living water.

Little do they know, O Lord, that despite their malnourishment, infection and pain their greatest need is Your salvation and Your reign. You are the Great Physician as they will see. You hold the key to healing that medicine can’t always cure.

Please, Lord, be with them. Plant the seed of Your love, hope and peace; the seed of Your salvation for lost sheep. Send Your messengers to all the Doe so that one day, they too can say, “Thank You, Lord, for choosing me to be Your heart, voice and hands.” Amen.


Memory verse: Luke 18:27
"What is impossible with man is possible with God."

1. I believe God works miracles.
2. I will ask Jesus for a miracle and publicly thank Him when He answers.
3. A person's salvation is the greatest miracle of all.

Pray for the Doe to recognize their need for God's physical and spiritual provision.________________________________________________
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