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Scripture: Romans 8:28–39

Memory verse: Romans 8:37
"In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."


Draw the following symbols on individual sheets of paper: a cross, a currency sign, a large A+, a ticket to a sporting event, and an ad for the latest clothing fashions. Lay the cross aside. Tape the remaining pictures to the wall.

Ask: Have you ever stood in a long line waiting for something—maybe in the lunch line, the ticket line at a sporting event, or the checkout line in a store or market? Have you ever stood in line a long time only to learn it was the wrong line? (Allow discussion.)

Tell the students to line up in front of a picture that represents what might lead to a happy, satisfying life. Ask the students to explain why they chose the items they did.

Tell the students that some people think money leads to happiness; others feel good grades will satisfy; some people think entertainment or fame will make life worthwhile; others believe owning nice things will make life worth living. Point out the symbols on the wall as you mention each topic.

Tell any students in front of these items that they have been standing in the wrong line. Ask if they know what can give people victorious, satisfying lives. Then display the cross you have drawn. Explain that a worthwhile life comes only through the Cross, which represents salvation. If we accept salvation, we can live victoriously as we serve Jesus. Tell the students they will learn how they can avoid the “wrong lines” and live like champions.

Hearing God’s Word

This week we will begin studying the letters of Paul, called epistles, to Christian churches in different areas of the Roman Empire. (Briefly review Paul’s life—his conversion, his journeys, and the dangers he faced.) Paul’s letters make up much of the New Testament and give us valuable instruction in living for Jesus.

Paul Writes to the Churches

People in Paul’s day could not just drop a quick note to friends or call on the telephone. There were no phones. When people wanted to communicate with someone in another place, they had to find a traveller who was going there and trust him to deliver the letter. As a missionary, Paul travelled through various cities in the Roman Empire establishing churches for the people who believed the message of salvation.

Directed by the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote letters to teach and encourage the groups he had ministered to earlier.

The Church at Rome

Paul’s letter to the Romans was special because at the time he wrote it, he had never been to Rome. It seems the church at Rome was started by people who had been to Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost. They heard Peter’s powerful message that day and believed that Jesus is the Saviour. These people took the message of the gospel back to Rome and the church there began to grow. Paul heard of the believers in Rome and wanted to make sure they were not being misguided by false teaching.

Most early Christian churches had problems that needed to be dealt with. Many came from trying to combine past traditions with their new way of life as Christians. For example, before the Jews became believers, they had followed all the rules of the Old Testament law. Now, even though they believed in Jesus and wanted to serve Him, some of them believed they had to keep following all the Old Testament laws. They also felt everyone who was part of the church should follow these laws. This created problems because the Gentiles did not want to follow all the rules of the Jewish law. Suppose this type of thing happened in our church today.

Ask: How would you feel if someone told you that in order to be a Christian, you had to live exactly as he did, eat what he ate, and dress as he did? (Allow responses.)

Ask: How does a person become a Christian? What is the evidence that a person is a Christian? (Allow responses.)

Salvation Only Through Jesus

Paul wanted to show the Romans that no one, Jew or Gentile, could be saved by following the Law alone. No matter how hard the Romans tried to live good lives in their own power, they needed something more.

Since Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, man’s human nature has been sinful. A person cannot be righteous because his sin has separated him from God. Only those who are righteous can live with God in heaven. This means all men are doomed for eternal punishment. (Ask a student to read Romans 3:23.)

What a gloomy picture! But Paul had more to say. There is hope for man, and that hope is through Jesus. He came to earth to show us what God is like. He gave His life on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins so we could have those sins forgiven. When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and believe that He took the punishment for them, we are saved. All it takes is faith. When we receive Jesus’ gift of salvation, we are no longer doomed for eternal death. God gives us eternal life with Him in heaven. (Ask a student to read or quote Romans 6:23.)

The Holy Spirit Helps Us

When we are saved, the Holy Spirit gives us power to live in a way that pleases God. Before we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, we do not have the strength to resist doing what is wrong. But the Holy Spirit guides us and gives us power to become more like Jesus, our Example. He helps us grow strong spiritually as we read God’s Word and pray. (Ask a student to read Romans 8:11.)

We are Conquerors through Jesus

When we receive Jesus’ gift of salvation, does that mean we will never have problems? No. People will always have problems because this world is not perfect. People are not perfect and they make mistakes.

Ask: Should a Christian give up and quit living for Jesus each time he faces a problem? What should he do? (Allow responses.)

Satan wants us to stop living for Jesus and be separated from God. But if we trust Jesus, He will help us overcome our problems, conquer Satan and live victoriously.

Think about an athlete for a moment. An athlete must train to prepare for an event. But then he must compete against an opponent. He will never really know how good an athlete he is unless he faces a test of his ability.

Did you know we are somewhat like spiritual “athletes”? In ourselves we could never be strong enough to face Satan, but through Jesus we are conquerors!

Can anything the world offers make us true conquerors? (Refer to the Lesson Lead—In.) Things, such as money, fame, and ability, can be lost or taken away from us. But there is nothing that can separate us from Jesus’ love. (Ask a student to read Romans 8:38, 39.)

Some people let bad experiences make them bitter. They say, “If God loved me, He would not have allowed this to happen!” But Paul, who had more painful experiences than most of us, was sure of God’s love, He knew that no matter what he faced, God would bring him through victoriously. Paul had committed his life to Jesus and through Jesus he—and all believers—could be conquerors!

Accepting God’s Word

Remind the student that Paul says in Romans 8:37 that we are conquerors “though him who loved us.” Without Jesus’ power we will fail. We can never defeat Satan in our own strength. Ask if any students would like to receive Jesus’ gift of salvation. Pray with any who respond.

Present the information about the Seemogo and Yalunka Tribes given below.

Meet the Seemogo and Yalunka

Pray for Seemogo and Yalunka Tribes

1. Our study group to see the importance of preaching the gospel,
2. Our group to identify the hand of God at work in our lives,
3. This week each member of our group to share a testimony with one person who speaks a different language.

Prayer Promise

"Declare his glory among the nations (tribes), his marvellous deeds among all peoples" (Psalm 96:3).

MORE INFORMATION: www.joshuaproject.net


Memory verse: Romans 8:37
"In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

1. I am saved. Jesus lives in me. Yet, challenges will come my way.
2. I want to respond in a manner that will honour the Lord.
3. My trust is in the Lord, not in my own ability to conquer.

Pray for the Seemogo and Yalunka Tribes.

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