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Scripture: Psalm 103:3; Matthew 4:23; Mark 16:20; Luke 4:40, 8:43–48; Acts 3:1–10

Memory verse: Isaiah 53:5
"By his wounds we are healed."


The following drama can help the students visualize Jesus’ desire to heal them. You will need five youth to play the parts required, several chairs, a small desk, a sign reading “The Doctor Is In,” and any toy medical equipment you can find. The idea is to create a doctor’s office.

Pin a sign on one of your helpers that says “Jesus.” (This helper might want to dress in a Bible-time costume.) He will stand to one side of the desk. Another helper will be a doctor dressed in a white coat. The other three will be patients.

The doctor should sit behind the desk. The patients can sit on chairs until their names are called. One at a time the patients will come to the desk and describe an ailment to the doctor. The helper playing Jesus should listen carefully as the patient speaks. However, neither the patient nor the doctor notices him.

When each patient is finished talking to the doctor, the doctor will scribble a prescription on a piece of paper and say something, such as, “Take this medicine and visit me next week.”  The patient should pick up the piece of paper and walk back to his chair. The helper playing Jesus should reach out his hands to the patient as if he wants to help, but the patient should not respond. Continue the same procedure with the second patient.

The final patient, however, will be different. He will go to the doctor, complain of an illness, receive his prescription, and start back to his chair. But when the helper portraying Jesus reaches out to him, he should stop, think for a moment, then bow his head and pray for whatever sickness he has. Then he should smile and sit down. The student portraying Jesus should smile, too, then all the actors exit.

Discuss the skit with the students. Tell the students that while it is not wrong to visit a doctor, Jesus wants us to tell Him about our needs also. Explain that in this week’s study they will learn of the great price Jesus paid so sicknesses could be healed.

Hearing God’s Word

When Jesus was here on each, there was sickness just as there is today. But Jesus could do something no one else could do. He could instantly heal people who were suffering.

Jesus Heals Many People

Jesus went about the area of Galilee, teaching and preaching the good news of God’s love, and healing all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. A lot of doctors today are specialists.

Ask: “Do you know what a specialist is?” (Allow responses.)

A specialist is a doctor who concentrates on treating only one particular part of the body or only one particular disease. A dentist or orthodontist fixes your teeth; an optometrist specializes in testing your eyes; an ear, nose and throat specialist takes care of your sore throat. A cardiologist treats only heart patients. There are even foot doctors, called podiatrists, who only treat people who have problems with their feet.

Did Jesus specialize in healing people with only one particular kind of illness? (Ask a student to read Matthew 4:23.) Jesus healed all kinds of sickness and disease. No matter what the problem was, Jesus could help. He did not heal just a few certain diseases. He healed everyone who came to Him in faith.

Sometimes there are people who are sick and cannot find a doctor who can make them well. They go to one doctor, and he cannot find out what is wrong with them. They try another one and he tells them something he thinks might be wrong. He is not sure or he does not know how to treat it. Or perhaps it is a disease without a cure. These people go from one doctor to another trying to find someone who can make them well.

If you were one of these people in Jesus’ day, it would be exciting to finally find someone who could make you completely well. Large crowds followed Jesus everywhere He went and brought their sick loved ones for Him to heal.

Jesus Heals a Sick Woman

Luke 8:43–48 tells about a woman who had been sick for 12 years. She had spent many years going from one doctor to another, but none of them had been able to help her. Then she came to Jesus. She knew Jesus could heal her. She pressed through the crowd and reached out toward Jesus. As soon as she touched the edge of Jesus’ robe, she was made well. After being sick for 12 years, suddenly she was healed. No disease or sickness is too hard for Jesus to cure.

Other Miracles of Jesus

Many times while Jesus was on earth, He healed people who had leprosy, a terrible skin disease. He also healed a servant, He healed a woman with a high fever, and He healed people who were demon possessed. It did not matter what was wrong with a person. It did not matter whether or not the person was important in the world’s eyes, whether he was young or old, rich or poor. Jesus healed any of the sick that came to Him.

The New Testament tells what Jesus did here on earth. But the Old Testament tells us about Jesus too. Even though Jesus had not come to earth yet in the Old Testament times, God helped people, called prophets, look ahead to what Jesus would do when He did come.

David wrote about Jesus in the Old Testament. He said Jesus not only forgives all our sins, but He also heals us. (Ask a student to read Psalm 103:3.)

Jesus Paid for Our Healing

Another Scripture passage that tells about Jesus is Isaiah 53:5. It is our memory verse this week. (Read the entire verse of Scripture; then repeat the memory verse several times.) Before Jesus was nailed on the cross, He was beaten with a whip. Our memory verse tells us the wounds the whip made on Jesus’ back were for our healing.

A Lame Man is Healed

While Jesus was here on earth, He healed the sick. After Jesus went back to heaven, the disciples also went out preaching and healing sick people. The disciples did not heal people by their own power. Sick people were healed through the power of Jesus.

One day when Peter and John were on their way to a prayer meeting they met a crippled man outside the temple who asked for money. (Ask a couple of students to read Acts 3:1–3 and Acts 3:4–8 aloud for the class.) Through the power of Jesus’ name, the man received something better than money. He received his healing!

The Jewish Council could not understand how this healing happened. “By what power, or by whose authority have you done this?” they asked Peter and John.

Peter did not claim to have done this by himself. His answer was plain: “It was done in the name and power of Jesus. It is by His authority that this man stands here healed!”

We Can Be Healed Today

Ask: ”How can people be healed today?” (Allow discussion.)

A few weeks ago we learned in our study that the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and the other Christians who were waiting with them in the Upper Room. The Holy Spirit was also promised to Christians who would come later. The Holy Spirit is still with us. Through Him Jesus’ power heals people today. God’s power to heal has never stopped or run out.

Ask: “What should you do if you need to be healed?”

(As you speak, write the points below on the chalkboard.) First, read your Bible. That will build your faith in God’s power to heal. Then have faith. Faith is believing and trusting God.

Another important thing to do is to pray. You can pray for yourself and you can ask one of the spiritual leaders of the church to pray for you. The Bible tells us to be anointed with oil. The oil cannot heal you, but this shows you are obeying God. Ask forgiveness for any sin that may be in your life. And, finally, pray for other people who are sick. (Ask a student to read James 5:14, 16.)

The important thing to remember is that Jesus paid for our healing and He can still heal today. Sometimes Christians have suffered sickness but it doesn’t mean God does not have the power to heal them or that He does not love them. He can heal instantly but sometimes He chooses to delay while He teaches us to trust Him.  He is wise and knows what is best for us.

Accepting God’s Word

Physical sickness is sometimes very terrible. Yet the worst diseases or the most tragic injuries are nothing compared to one lost soul. Tell your students that their salvation is a spiritual healing that goes far beyond the benefit of having a healthy body. Explain the plan of salvation. If any of them have not yet accepted Jesus into their lives, invite them to do so at this time. Pray individually with each one who responds.


Driving across the Tukulor homeland, walking through their markets, eating at their restaurants and mingling with the people was a pleasant experience. The research team was deeply touched when learning that there are only three small house churches among the friendly Tukulor people. They are truly “unreached." 

Our visit was timely. We saw and felt the spiritually lost condition of a million people. It will move us to action in raising up messengers to go to the Tukulor, live among them and introduce them to Jesus, the Saviour. May God's will be done!

Pray for the unreached Tukulor

1. Believers across Senegal move to action—going to the Tukulor with the gospel.
2. Business men, teachers and government workers living among the Tukulor to seize the opportunity to be a living witness.
3. Waitresses in restaurants and hotels to see Jesus living in the lives of visiting believers.

Prayer Promise

"Ask me and I will make the nations your inheritance" (Psalm 2:8).


Memory verse: Isaiah 53:5
"By his wounds we are healed."

1. Jesus paid for our physical healing by the wounds on His body.
2. We can be healed today.
3. Jesus can heal instantly, but sometimes delays in order to build our trust in Him.

Pray for the Unreached Tukulor.

Study 14 | Jesus Says Go/We Believe | africaatts.org/go-teach


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