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"My intercessor is my friend...on behalf of a man he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend" (Job 16:20–21) NIV.


We live in a troubled world full of stress and strain. At times the pressure seems almost unbearable. One pastor explained it this way: "Sometimes it seems like God is holding one of my hands and the devil is holding the other. They both are pulling—stretching me to the breaking point. The stretching process is painful, but I know that if I can stand the stretch, the Lord will always pull me through to victory."

A true friend recognizes the stretching process occurring and intercedes for us—pleading with God to give us the victory. It seems we are all being stretched in some area of our lives. We need a friend. We need a friend to touch God on our behalf.

Pastor Robert Akolbugri in northern Ghana needs an intercessor—a praying friend. The Lord led him to set a goal of planting 50 new churches in his area during 2015–16. Akolbugri shared the vision with his church, set up a six-month training program for members to lead the new churches, and launched each effort with an evangelistic meeting.

Akolbugri and his lay leaders have seen wonderful results. Most of the new works began with 10 to 30 new believers, but some began with 65–131 new converts. Pastor Akolbugri reported a few weeks ago that the Lord had enabled them to open 44 new churches. The remaining six new churches were a possibility, but they were struggling to find facilities in which to launch the efforts.

Will you be pastor Akolbugri's friend?  Will you intercede and plead with God to work a miracle in northern Ghana? Thank you for interceding and partnering with our brother in prayer. Akolbugri will be encouraged and you will have the opportunity to participate in a miracle of Kingdom advance!

Do you know a colleague in ministry who is going through a time of stretching, facing a big challenge and needs a miracle? Give them a call or send a text or email them. Let them know that you care, that you will stand with them during these difficult days as their intercessor—their friend. Be their PRAYER PARTNER!

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