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Dream Come True Registrar


Registrars need a software program that gives them immediate access to student data. 

Africa’s Theological Training Service computer specialist, Stew VanArsdale, teamed up with his son, Van VanArsdale, and built a tracking software program that stores and makes available information about each student with a click of the cursor. It is truly a “registrar’s dream come true!”  

“How can office work make a difference for the Kingdom?” The more compelling question is, “How can we develop leaders without keeping track of their training?”

FASTRACK works for office staff to track every student record from enrollment to graduation and beyond. In a few simple steps, you can have all the data at your fingertips; ready to meet ministers’ needs and help them change the world.

In FASTRACK, you’ll maintain a total record of student activity, including course enrollment, transfer and experience credit, financial data, and grades. FASTRACK’s superior support team will work with Bible schools to convert older data while maintaining your grading structure and course information.

Student data will remain secure and stable, while allowing staff to work efficiently to meet students’ needs. FASTRACK also makes it simple to provide necessary information during accreditation reviews.

Trained leaders require a strong, secure system to guide their training and make certain they are equal to God’s task for their lives. FASTRACK is a great tool to serve current and future African church leaders. 

How do you access this program? Please contact Stew VanArsdale FASTRACK@africashope.org. He will correspond with you to determine the capabilities of your computer and Internet service. Then, he will advise you and guide you through the download process to begin using FASTRACK at your school. It is yours for the asking.

Make FASTRACK your dream come true!


Brother Falley, editor

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