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The first Africa Assemblies of God (AG) Bible school was launched in 1932 at Gombari, Democratic Republic of the Congo under the direction of J. W. Nilsen. 

The Congo Bible school was the first expression of a growing missions’ philosophy that trained pastoral leadership was the secret to Kingdom advance and long-term maturing of the local believers.

In the early days, it was typical of AG missionaries entering a new area to start Bible training classes, often on their back porch, for recently saved and Spirit- baptized nationals. Missionaries believed in the Holy Spirit’s enablement to present the gospel, but recognized the importance of a strong biblical foundation.

2014 Training Center Statistics

Currently AG national churches have been established in 34 countries of Africa. Their ministries are supported by 307 Training Centers—70 residential Bible schools and 237 extension programs with a total enrolment of 8,998. The training programs are playing a significant role in fulfilling the Great Commission as the national churches press toward achieving their goals established for the Decade of Harvest.

A Free Service

Africa Theological Training Service (ATTS) is pleased to announce a free service to the AG Bible schools in Africa—a website page available on http://africaatts.org/bible-schools. Some Bible schools have their own website while others for various reasons lack this communication tool.

Three schools have already taken advantage of this service: Evangel Bible College, Sierra Leone; KAG East University, Kenya; and Addis Ababa Bible College (ABC), Ethiopia. Each school can prepare 300-words and three pictures for their page, along with contact information.

ABC has just updated their page. This month their page was visited by 47 individuals with 24 of those visits coming from Ethiopia. They are utilizing the web link to advertise the school and its programs.

Schools desiring to take advantage of this free offer by ATTS should send their request by email to TrainingToday@africashope.org.

Brother Falley, editor

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