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Ten years slipped by and the Assemblies of God (AG) Bible School, Moundou, Chad was not functioning. Then, missionaries Bill and Sonia Shaw spearheaded the reopening of the school in 2010 and led in the construction of the first buildings.

Togolese missionary John Walada who had recently arrived in Chad was asked to direct the Bible school upon the departure of the Shaws. He is highly qualified holding both a BA and MA from the West African Advanced School of Theology, Lome, Togo, and pursuing a doctorate at Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary, USA. 

The Chad Bible School enrolled seven new Chadian students for the first semester 2015. Recognizing the need to increase the number of pastoral students, the Burkina Faso AG offered to send up to 20 Burkina Faso students to study and prepare for ministry in Chad. Seven Burkina Faso students and one teacher arrive in Moundou in September, 2015 to launch this partnership in training.

The plan calls for Burkina Faso to help their students with a donkey and plow upon the completion of their studies at the Bible school. This investment will help to sustain them as they plant new churches in rural Chad.

The Burkina Faso church is showing that it is a “true neighbor” to the Chad church!


Up Front Training

Missionary Doug Lowenberg and Yonas Arefaine, the general superintendent of the Ethiopia Assemblies of God, traveled to Djibouti early in 2015. Their primary goal was to meet with the leaders of a handful of Ethiopian Pentecostal communities, to teach and encourage them.

Throughout the last few decades, thousands of Ethiopians have migrated to Djibouti to escape war and find economic opportunity. Six pastors and their congregations assembled nightly on the roof of a four story building to worship, pray, and listen to biblical messages. The hunger for more of the Spirit and more of the Word of God was apparent.

Lowenberg and Arefaine recognized the need for biblical training and offered to help. An agreement was worked out with Addis Ababa Bible College (ABC), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to:

  • Use the Amharic Discovery Series textbooks—one book every two weeks,
  • Evening classes to accommodate working students,
  • Different ABC teacher to come for one month at a time with local housing provided,
  • Two-year commitment to the proposed plan.

The diploma training program launched in October 2015 with an enrollment of 49 students. The student body includes five students from an Eritrean refugee camp on the Eritrea-Djibouti border and several indigenous Djibouti students who have become followers of Jesus Christ.

Sacrifice is demanded by all those involved: ABC, teachers and the students. Time, money, travel, and challenging conditions confront each person. But all involved believe those who engage in these studies will grow in their understanding of God’s Word; become more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit; and passionately present the gospel to the citizens of their host country.


Correction: 2014 Africa Bible School Statistics

We want to correct the 2014 Assemblies of God Africa Bible School Statistics published in the November 2015 issue of Training Today. The corrected statistics are as follows:

     Resident Bible schools      69
    Extension schools            281
   Total Training Centers    350

    Resident Bible schools  10,149
    Extension schools           4,483
    Total Enrollment          14,632

Brother Falley, editor


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