Africa’s Hope Discovery Series

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Training Today

What is the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series?

The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series is a Bible school curriculum that has been developed for use in Africa’s diploma-level Bible schools, providing a comprehensive biblical foundation for ministry in the African context. The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series offers 38 courses in the following areas: Biblical Studies (O.T. & N.T.), Theology, Applied Ministry, and Leadership Development. Each course includes a textbook, student and teacher workbooks, assessment resources, and test-making software. Why you need it.

Ministry Focused. It targets diploma-level Bible school students, pastors, and laypeople who sense a call into ministry.

Practical. It balances good scholarship and practical application. Written for use in the classroom, this curriculum facilitates a lively classroom filled with questions, discussion, and personal application.

Contextual. It is written with the African ministry context in mind. This is reflected in the content, illustrations, and discussion questions in each chapter. This curriculum is also being translated and published in the major languages of Africa.

Affordable. The series is affordable so that every student can purchase a copy of each textbook and its corresponding student workbook.

The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series is approved by APTEA and Global University for diploma-level training.

How we can help

ATTS website. We have dedicated a page on our website to the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series at Here you will find more information, a course catalog, and course descriptions.

Curriculum consultations. We provide regular consultations with Bible school representatives regarding curricular needs.

Distribution centers. Strategic locations are being used to facilitate the storage and distribution of training materials for our Bible schools across the African continent.

Print on Demand (POD) systems. Computerized printing systems are being used on-site in many African cities for the printing of quality training materials at a fraction of the cost.

Digital version. Educational Institutions may receive access to our digital library of the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series after permission is granted by Africa’s Hope. Please send your inquiry to

Whom to contact

To find out how to implement the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series curriculum in your Bible school or to obtain more information, please contact your ATTS regional coordinator:

Rev. Jonas Mkoba
East Africa

Dr. Enson Lwesya
Southern Africa

Rev. Randy Tarr
West Africa

Dr. Marcel Bomboko
Central Africa