Ministry Focused
It targets diploma-level Bible school students, pastors, and laypeople who sense a call into ministry.

It balances good scholarship and practical application. Written for use in the classroom, this curriculum facilitates a lively classroom filled with questions, discussion, and personal application.

The series is affordable so that every student can purchase a copy of each textbook and its corresponding student workbook.

It is written with the African ministry context in mind. This is reflected in the content, illustrations, and discussion questions in each chapter. This curriculum is also being translated and published in the major languages of Africa.

Every book in the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series has a corresponding instructor’s packet, student workbook, and digital Test Maker file.

Instructor’s Packet
The instructor’s packet contains helpful resources for the teacher, including a sample course syllabus, chapter objectives, a large selection of possible test questions, ready-to-use unit and final exams, answer keys for exams and chapter review exercises, and student projects.

Student Workbook
The student workbook contains four different types of homework questions for each chapter. These questions reinforce the major concepts of each chapter, encourage students to apply the content to their own lives and contexts, and assist them in preparing for exams.

Test Creator
Test Creator is a computer program that teachers can use to create their own tests for Discovery Series books. All of the test questions from the instructor’s packet are also in the accompanying Test Creator file. Teachers can use the program to select questions of their choice to instantly create their own personalized tests.


Creation, covenants, ethics, and redemption are all covered in this division. Texts are related to the literature of the Old Testament, with a focus aimed toward appreciation of its content and historical development.

Offering a closer examination of the New Testament texts and themes, these studies provide foundational principles and tools of interpretation.
The goal of this division is to define and defend the major Pentecostal doctrines and apply them to the life of the reader. Doctrines discussed relate to the Bible, sin, salvation, Christian growth, the Holy Spirit, missions, Christology, and the end times.
Focusing on the practical aspects of ministry, these texts enable the leader to design and implement plans for various types of ministry, such as planting churches, discipling new converts, ministering to children, sharing the gospel with Muslims, and demonstrating compassion to the community.
In order to be more effective leaders, those in church leadership positions must continually pursue personal growth and development. This division facilitates that growth by developing skills related to administration, counseling, learning, teaching, and preaching.

Called to Lead: Dynamics of Pastoral Leadership

Evangelism: Fulfilling the Great Commission

Discipleship: Developing Healthy Christians

God’s Mission and Ours: Confident Witness in the 21st Century

Transformational Development and the Church: A Biblical Approach to Human Need

Muslim Ministry in the African Context

Church Growth Dynamics: Planting Healthy Churches

A Biblical Theology of Worship

Children’s Ministry: Strategies for Making Young Disciples

Contemporary African Ministry: Theological, Ethical, and Practical Issues

Pastoral Ministry: The Work and Role of the Minister

Urban Ministry: Reaching the City

From the Crescent to the Cross: Shepherding Muslim-Background Believers

Hermeneutics: Interpreting the Bible

Power Ministry: How to Minister in the Spirit’s Power

The Kingdom of God: A Pentecostal Interpretation

Abundant Life in the Son: A Study of Salvation

Pneumatology: A Missional Study of the Holy Spirit

Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II

Advanced Hermeneutics: Understanding the Bible in Context

Compassion and the Local Church

A Biblical Theology of Missions

Biblical Principles of Marriage

Leading Christian Organizations

A History of the Church in Africa: A Survey from a Pentecostal Perspective

Principles of Teaching: Discovering How to Make Learning Happen

Expository Preaching

Principles of Counseling

Church Administration: Managing Ministry Resources

Orientation and Learning Strategies

Introduction to Academic Writing: Writing and Reading for Success

Biblical Models of Leadership

Old Testament Survey

The Pentateuch: The Five Books of Moses

The Old Testament Historical Books: The Plan of God Unfolds

The Psalms & Wisdom Literature: Guidelines for Worship and Living

Major Prophets: Hope in Turbulent Times

Minor Prophets: Their Message and Times

Bible Geography: Encountering the Land of the Bible

Old Testament Issues: Positive Answers to Difficult Questions

Old Testament Theology

New Testament Survey

The Life of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels

Acts: The Spirit of God in Mission

Romans and Galatians: God’s Plan of Salvation

The Corinthian Letters: Unity Amid Diversity

Prison Epistles: Practical Christian Living

General Epistles: Faith for Turbulent Times

New Testament Backgrounds: History, Culture, and Daily Life of the New Testament World

Revelation: Unveiling the Future

The Pastoral Epistles: Godly Wisdom for Ministry

Bible Doctrines