General Epistles: Faith for Turbulent Times

NT235 Annette Newberry This book surveys Hebrews, James, Peter’s epistles, and Jude, emphasizing key cultural, historical, doctrinal, and practical themes in each book. Special attention is given to their application within the African context.

Revelation: Unveiling the Future

NT310 Charles A. Estridge (In production) This analytical study of Revelation considers a wide variety of questions of interpretation and application found in John’s prophecy. It describes the cultural and historical backgrounds as they relate to the unique message of...

The Pastoral Epistles: Godly Wisdom for Ministry

NT240 James T. Bradford This book takes a closer look at the letters Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus, providing insight for those serving in pastoral ministry today. Paul’s letters deal with specific issues the early church faced, but Dr. Bradford shows how the...

New Testament Survey

NT100 Walter M. Dunnett From Matthew to Revelation, this course examines the Gospels, history, epistles, and prophecies of the New Testament. Each book is treated individually with an outline and sections on background, themes, and key issues.