Called to Lead: Dynamics of Pastoral Leadership

LD320 (In production) In this book, experienced pastors of thriving churches share their personal insights about a variety of leadership issues facing the church today. Topics include ethics, growth principles, financial planning, and philosophies for a healthy...

Biblical Models of Leadership

LD200 Bill Kirsch This text takes an in-depth look at leadership by analyzing the leadership examples of biblical characters. Drawing from these examples, it offers practical ideas to help believers lead the church in Africa today.

Biblical Principles of Marriage

LD205 Philip and Dinah Kitoto This study helps readers discover God’s plan and purpose within marriage. The principles covered give ministers the knowledge they need to teach correct theology and practice for better marriages and healthier...

Leading Christian Organizations

LD210 Enson Mbilikile Lwesya The principles in this course are suited for the local church as well as for Christian parachurch organizations. Broad topics covered include developing vision, implementing strategies, and developing emerging leaders.