Growth of training in Angola

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Training Today

“The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series has been instrumental in transforming training in Angola.”

A two-week block session was recently held at the Assemblies of God Bible school in Luanda, Angola. There were 58 students who attended the session, most of whom are already in ministry—they just never had the chance to be trained because of many years of war that prevented them from traveling due to government restrictions and safety concerns. Today there are 450 students enrolled in Faculdade Teológica da Assembleia de Deus Pentecostal (FATAD), which nowoperates in Luanda, the capital, with an extension in Huambo, the second largest city in the country. The students expressed their appreciation for the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series training materials, which have been instrumental in transforming their training experience in Angola because they never had textbooks before. Now each student has their own textbook and is able to complete a student workbook before attending each session.

Made for the classroom. The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series facilitates a lively classroom filled with questions, discussion, and personal application of the material. Here students are working together in an interactive setting.

Made for ministry. The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series avoids the error of providing education for education’s sake and produces men and women of God capable of ministering effectively in the African context.