New partnership with Cameroon

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Training Today

We recently had the joy of hosting Dr. Felix Niba from Cameroon. One of the main objectives of his visit was to sign a memorandum of understanding so that they can begin to print and distribute the Africa’s Hope Discovery Series as well as the Living the Truth discipleship curriculum in Cameroon. We are excited about this new partnership agreement with the national church and the blessing that these materials will be for them.

Print shop building nears completion in Cameroon
New print-on-demand system will also serve neighboring countries

We are currently partnering with three Bible schools in Cameroon, including one in the northern city of Ngaoundéré, where efforts are being focused on training church planters to work among the predominantly Muslim population in that area. In an effort to equip these schools with the training materials they so desperately need, we are working with the AGWM field fellowship to develop a print shop in Yaoundé where these books can be printed. The team in Cameroon has almost finished construction on the print shop, and the addition of a print-on-demand system will enable them to meet the growing need for Bible school and discipleship materials. This new print-on-demand system is the first of its kind in Central Africa and could potentially serve the printing needs of neighboring countries like Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Central African Republic, and the Republic of Congo.