Central Africa ATTS Empowerment Conference

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Training Today

From August 31 to September 1, 2022, ATTS held another regional conference to train Bible school administrators and teachers from across Central Africa. The conference was hosted by the Gabon Assemblies of God at the WAAST Gabon campus in Libreville. Twenty Bible schools were represented from six different countries where more than 1,500 students are currently enrolled.

Conference speakers included:

  • Rev. Dr. Jude Benjamin NGOUWA, president of the Gabon Assemblies of God and newly elected president of the Central Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (CAAGA)
  • Dr. Arthur Séraphin MBA, 1st vice-president, Gabon Assemblies of God
  • Rev. Carpoforo OCHAGA, general secretary, Equatorial Guinea Assemblies of God
  • Dr. Cécile BOMBOKO, APTEA Central Africa regional coordinator
  • Rev. Randel Tarr, executive director, Africa’s Hope/ATTS
  • Rev. Patrick Hurst, AGWM Central Africa area director
  • Rev. Gary Alan Dickinson, coordinator, WAAST Gabon
  • Dr. Jonathan Bersot, president, Institut Biblique du Québec
  • Dr. Carl Gibbs, Africa’s Hope/ATTS
  • Dr. Jeffery Nelson, Africa Library Services

At the conference, participants were trained to use the OASIS student recordkeeping system as well as the Library Box library management software. Bible school administrators, academic deans, and other leaders received valuable leadership training. We were blessed by the attendance of the general superintendents of five Central African nations. 

One of the highlights of the event was the distribution of the French version of First Steps: Your New Life in Christ, the first book in our Roots of Faith discipleship series. Thanks to the hard work of our French translator and publications team, many thousands of new believers across francophone Africa will now be able to use this wonderful resource as they begin to learn what the Bible teaches and how to live as followers of Jesus. When paired with the French audiobook we created to complement this book, it becomes an even more effective discipleship tool in the hands of new believers. This book is available to download in PDF format at the following link: https://bit.ly/3CB3ov8. The French audiobook can also be downloaded or streamed at https://bit.ly/3dWtfUe.