eSwatini College of Theology

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Training Today

Growth of extension program in eSwatini

The administrative team at eSwatini College of Theology is implementing an ambitious new plan to grow their diploma-level extension training program, which already has 90 students enrolled in seven extensions. In spite of the pandemic, in May they opened a new training center in Manzini, a major, centrally-located city. The enrollment of that extension doubled in only a few weeks, and is now running 50 students in three different classes. Two more extensions were opened in smaller towns in June, each starting with 10 students, bringing the total number of students in their extension program to 160. They also have 45 bachelor’s degree students at the main campus. Plans are now in place to open another two extension sites in August—one in Mbabane, the capital city. “Because churches have not yet been allowed to reopen,” explained AGWM missionary Vicki Ross, the Academic Dean, “people are hungry for the Word and are seeking ways to continue to learn. We are utilizing our limited resources to take the school to the people since many people find it difficult to come to the school. The opportunities for ministry are there if we just look for them, no matter what the circumstances. I am so thankful that I get to play a small part in meeting the great need for ministry training in eSwatini.”