The Need for Good Leadership in Pentecostal Bible Schools

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Training Today

Greetings in Jesus’ name! One important conviction Pentecostal training institutions need to hold firmly is that while theological education must be theologically sound, it must also be educationally tenable. Theology and education are not mutually exclusive; yet, the key to positioning them toward a missional orientation is often catalyzed by good personal and institutional leadership skills embodied in individuals who can ably and passionately advance the mission of our schools.

While various factors work against quality theological training, one common problem is poor training for academic leaders to effectively oversee educational systems. In most cases, the problem does not relate to an academic leader not having an earned biblical or theological degree, exhibiting a lack of motivation, or falling short in intellectual ability. Instead, the issue normally concerns the individual having little or no training on how to effectively design and manage academic institutions and lead an educational team.

While biblical and theological training must remain central to Pentecostal ministry, we need to ensure a parallel track of equipping institutional administrators and faculty to enhance personal leadership skills, to place people in their area of giftedness, and to design relevant programs based on desired outcomes—all of which will result in more effectual training systems to shape a new generation of pastors, teachers, evangelists, and missionaries to strengthen and grow the church of tomorrow.
Theological institutions remain critical for shaping future church leaders, and as such, our academic leaders play an important role in successfully achieving this strategic outcome.

For this reason, I would like to promote and encourage a resource published by Africa’s Hope entitled, Bible School Leadership Manual. This leadership manual is designed to offer a practical and relevant tool to motivate and equip personal and institutional reflection and encourage our ecclesiastical training efforts toward higher levels of educational and ministerial standards. For national church executives, national education directors, chancellors of institutions, and Bible school administrators, a digital copy of this textbook can be requested by writing to Jared Lee at
John L. Easter, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Africa Theological Training Services (ATTS)