Living the Truth in Kenya

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Training Today

A new agreement was signed yesterday between Africa’s Hope and the Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG) that will allow for the widespread distribution of the Living the Truth discipleship curriculum in Kenya. We are excited about this development as it will have a dramatic impact upon church discipleship programs across the country. We are so grateful to God for the leadership of Bishop Kitoto, General Superintendent of the Kenya Assemblies of God, and for this strategic partnership between us. Please join us in praying for KAG discipleship initiatives, that thousands of new believers will be rooted and grounded in the Word of God and in their faith in Christ.

We must ensure that the seed of the gospel planted today doesn’t die in that same spiritual ground tomorrow. A.W. Tozer once said, ‘Only a disciple can make a disciple.’ ATTS, in coordination with Africa’s Hope, is committed to developing resources that will provide tools in the hands of local churches throughout Africa to equip their people to grow in their newfound faith and to embody the values of the gospel. The ministry of discipleship is not one among many things the church does, but rather, it is what it’s all about. For this reason, we are honored to partner with the Kenya Assemblies of God in this emphasis with providing Living the Truth curriculum, and, in the near future, the newly written and designed Roots of Faith series for new believers. We seek to partner with all AAGA national churches to see the advancement of disciples made for the sake of Christ’s name among all people.” —John Easter, PhD