Teachers certified in Tanzania

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Training Today

 An ATTS seminar was recently held in Dodoma, Tanzania in conjunction with APTEA’s Commission for Teacher Certification and Enrichment. The seminar was attended by 90 teachers from our eight main Bible schools in Tanzania and church planting coordinators. Fourteen teachers were certified, bringing the total number of certified teachers to 33 out of 40 main Bible school teachers in Tanzania. Out of the remaining seven, three were appointed in January this year, and two completed all exercises. We so appreciate the leadership of Rev. Jonas Mkoba, who serves as the education director for the Tanzania Assemblies of God, and who also serves as the ATTS East Africa Coordinator.  We are also grateful to Dr. Victor Chanda and Dr. Murriell McCulley for their ministry efforts and their invaluable service to schools going through the teacher certification process.

If our schools are going to be fruitful for training and equipping students for effective ministry, it is critical that we invest in our teachers to ensure they are certified through the APTEA process, which ATTS and Africa’s Hope endorse. For more information, please contact our offices and we can connect you with Dr. Victor Chanda at chandalv@yahoo.co.uk, or Dr. Murriell McCulley at murriellmcculley@gmail.com.