WAAST Extension in Kinshasa

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Training Today

The West Africa Advanced School of Theology of the Assemblies of God (WAAST) is a university training institution headquartered in Lomé, Togo. To accomplish its mission of “training leaders for the Missio Dei,” it has opened extensions in several African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Thus, the Kinshasa Extension Center (KEC) started in January of 2000 with 21 students. To date, it is in its 17th year with a total of 190 graduates.

Given the size of the country and the need for trained leaders, WAAST/KEC operates a day class with mainly pastors, and an evening class mostly made up of lay leaders. Soon, by the grace of God, we will open an extension in Lubumbashi. At which time, the KEC will become the Democratic Republic of Congo Extension Center (DRCEC).

Courses are given in six-week block sessions twice a year. In the third year, in addition to courses in Kinshasa, each student must travel to Togo for three months to complete their training.

WAAST/KEC is the only [WAAST] extension to organize a master’s degree program, which is in its second year.

 —Dr. Marcel Bomboko
WAAST/Kinshasa Extension Coordinator